What can Americans and our political leaders learn from this letter?

magine that you are scheduled to interview a practicing psychologist about what his/her job is like. This is known as an “information interview.”  If you could only ask 5 ethics related questions what would they be?  Give this careful thought.
You only have 5 questions–what key aspects of the profession, with ethics particularly in mind, will you focus on?
Write your 5 questions and below each construct a hypothetical response.  How would your interviewee answer each?
Note:  You do not have to be an expert on professional ethics to complete this assignment. Base the responses on what you have learned about professional ethics in the course.
Development of 5 interview questions to ask psychologist
Hypothetical responses to the 5 interview questions demonstrate knowledge of ethical guidelines (250-300 words per response)
Compliance with APA paper source crediting and formatting standards.
Minimum of three scholarly resources are used
Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors
Assignment is 5-6 pages, not including title page or references page
  View the following website which includes the letter from Bin Laden and respond to the questions below:      
1. Summarize in your own words what Bin Laden is stating to America.
2. Are there points in the letter that you agree and which do you disagree? Why?
3.  What can Americans and our political leaders learn from this letter?
 4. From Bin Laden’s letter, what is your personal understanding of the reason behind the violence by  Islamic radicals against the West as expressed in this letter?

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