What structure should a business plan have?

When starting to prepare a business plan, the question arises, where to get useful information on its design and writing? Our article outlines the theoretical and methodological foundations of financial planning and the applied aspects of this area. It is essential to disclose the preparatory, initial, and primary stages of developing and presenting a business plan. What is the structure ...
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How to write a synopsis of a book

All novelists have to write a synopsis. At least until they became recognized stars of literature, this is required by publishers to evaluate the work of a writer and understand whether it is suitable for a particular publisher. Also, a synopsis may be required to participate in a literary competition. And sometimes, it is even more challenging to create it ...
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How to write an annotation of a book

An annotation is an advertisement for your book. Show what exactly you are selling and for whom your product is intended and give quality guarantees. How do I write an annotation? The skeleton of the annotation looks something like this: Scenery: where and when does the action take place? Introducing the hero: who is he? Why should the reader care about ...
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A Guide to Writing in APA 7th Edition

In many disciplines, the American Psychological Association (APA) regulates the format of academic papers. The APA 7th edition replaces the 6th edition. Due to the recent educational writing changes, the APA 7th edition seeks to keep up with the times. This is because of the numerous citations of material from online platforms. Besides, new methods and technologies help in the ...
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Writing a brilliant critical book review

There are two types of book review: first, the descriptive reviews provide the necessary details about a book. This is done with explanation and interpretation. This is achieved by expressing the distinguishing objectives and goals of the writer. Additionally, it is done by reciting essential excerpts from the book. Secondly, Critical reviews evaluate and describe the text. This is done ...
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