What are enzymes?

Midterm Question 1

Has two choices, choose only 1! Use only APA. DO NOT USE the INTERNET I WILL KNOW!!! You have a plagiarism check for all your submissions.

You may use your textbook and any resources that I have provided. Do not copy and use as your own words, I will know. Do not copy from each other. Use only APA citation style.

1. Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons” is working on a science project. Her task is to answer the question: “Does Rogooti (which is a commercial hair product) affect the speed of hair growth.” Her family is willing to volunteer for the experiment. 350 pts.

You are her science partner. You volunteer to design the entire experiment.

Using what you learn to make sure you follow the Scientific Method, design the experiment. You may make up data to show how you would collect and record. You can also do the calculations. But it must be a complete designed experiment based on the given information lecture and any resources. As a thank-you, she sent her picture!!!

Or you can choose

Midterm Question. 1A There are five brief questions, but if there are not correct and substantive in content-knowledge, you could lose the points. See below:

Part of the above: Answer the parts first three questions with correct substantive content.

1a. What are the structural and physiological differences between these two cells  ?

2b. i. What are enzymes?

ii. Explain how enzymes are involved in transporting molecules in the body?

iii. Carbonic anhydrase is an enzyme involved in the reaction of carbon dioxide with water to form a molecule that dissolves well in the liquid part of blood. How does carbonic anhydrase affect this reaction?

3c. Give an example of homeostasis. Explain why your example is a good definition.

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