week 10 project

THIS IS A POWER POINT ASSIGNMENT FOLLOWING THE TEMPLE THAT IS UPLOADED TO THIS POST.PLEASE FOLLOW EXACTLY WHAT THE TEACHER WANTS, USING THE TEMPLET AND THE PROJECT THAT I UPLOADED AS WELL.Week 10 Project – MSN Capstone Proposal PowerPoint PosterFor this last project assignment you will create an academic poster based on your MSN Capstone Project Proposal. Using the information from your Project Proposal form, you will use the South University PowerPower Capstone Poster Template to complete this assignment. Use the instructions below and review the Exemplar MSN Capstone Poster.How to use the template to complete this assignment:Open the template and save on your computer. Rename the PowerPoint file with your First and Last Names.Refer to the Exemplar Capstone Poster Example.Using your MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form complete the sections on the PowerPoint:Abstract – In this section provide an abstract of your proposal. This is only a proposal and is not a project to be implemented. Only provide the information you have actually completed on your MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form.Background Information – In this section provide the background information on the problem. Why is this project important?PICOt Question – In this section provide your PICOt question from Week 5 section on the MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form.Literature Review – In this section provide a review of the literature. What were the themes?Evidence-Based Intervention – In this section describe the evidence-based intervention. What will be done?Outcome Measures – In this section provide your outcome measures and definition. What do you plan to measure to demonstrate success.References – In this section provide no more than two (2) top references you used in the literature review to support your proposal.I have attached my project and a sample of the power point she wants. please follow the instructions because this teacher is very meticulous when it comes to any work being turned in.

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