The writing process

After carefully reading the premise, write an expository paragraph about what you have read. If a situation arises that prevents you from completing it, contact your professor immediately.ObjectivesApply concepts of good writing.CompetenciesCommunicationInstructionsUse the Writing Process Worksheet to summarize this paragraph in your own words.Handwashing is one important step that helps limit the spread of germs. Before and after contact with each patient, wet your hands and wrists. Work soap into lather, getting between fingers and under nails. Lower hands with fingernails downward and rise well. Dry your hands carefully with a PPR towel. Turn off the water tap with a PPR towel to avoid any germs on the faucet. Apply lotion of desired.The Writing Process WorksheetPrewriting: Write down facts, organize ideasWriting: Write without concern for grammar or punctuationRewriting: Correct grammar, make changes using proofreader’s’ marksFinalizing: Type or write final copyProofread: Read the final copy aloud for a final check

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