the challenges experienced by direct care employees

Nursing Assignment



·   Nurse Staffing Levels and Medicaid Reimbursement Rates in Nursing Facilities – Harrington.

· Nursing home staffing standards in state statutes and regulations – Harrington

· The Need for Higher Minimum Staffing Standards in U.S. Nursing Homes – Harrington

· Squaring to the Challenge – York

· Nursing Home Staffing Requirements and Input Substitution: Effects on

Housekeeping, Food Service, and Activities Staff – Bowblis

· Influence of Nurse Aide Absenteeism on Nursing Home Quality – Castle

· Unionization Healthcare, Background and Trends – Malvey

· Workplace Assaults – Tak

· Workplace Discrimination and Healthcare – Tartaglia

· Who will be tomorrow’s caregivers? – Marquand


This assignment is due on June 23rd.

1. Write a 4-page paper speaking to the challenges experienced by direct care employees. Include in the paper, recommendations for improving the recruitment and retention process despite the aforementioned challenges as well as what you feel is an appropriate minimum staffing ratio and how one would achieve that ratio in light of the absenteeism and union dynamics.

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