Specifically how do moods and emotions affect organizational behavior at SHAR?

Interview with Dean Vaught
1. How long have you been with SHAR? Was with SHAR 8 years before taking time off to get my Masters Degree. Back again for 15 years
2. How long have you been in your current position? 15 years this time.
3. What was your previous place of employment? Worked as in management working with an EAP doing both phone and in-person counseling. For employee related problems as well as home life as these often flow into daily work life. Who a person is and the impact they have flows into the job. Once they leave home they do not leave problems there. Attendance problems are often due to home life (home, childcare, and eldercare, etc.)
4. What is your educational background? University of Michigan Masters in Social Work Administration Received in 1989, Has credentials and certifications in supervisory responsibility, addiction counseling, stress management
5. How long have you dealt directly with substance abuse and mental health clients? Since 1980, even before he had his masters he was working in substance abuse.
6. Do you think that both moods and emotions affect operations at SHAR? Yes, no doubt, people for the most part can be temperamental, the mood can affect job performance, and can impact relationships with other people or what have you. Stated keep the main thing the main thing. And the main thing where he works is to be productive and do your J.O.B. and as long as peoples moods and emotions they will get in the way of them doing their job. Curse out coworkers and clients. Also effects
7. Specifically how do moods and emotions affect organizational behavior at SHAR?
8. Do you train your employees how to control their moods and emotions? Yes some staff is professional trained staff with bachelors and masters degrees in counseling. They are still human. It is different to handle other people other than yourself. If clients are angry with workers they may go out the window. They must remain focused and client centered to do their jobs. Everything is for the client your one issues are to be put to the side. Another important part of training or coaching is self-care. I am no good to the client if I am not doing good for myself. I must help myself in order to assist the clients. To do this self-care with myself I must do things recreationally, meet with friends, etc. I often use my own experiences when dealing with the clients as well. So do all of the other employees at SHAR. The unique thing with SHAR over the years, SHAR stands for Self Help Addictive Rehabilitation, and SHAR was one of the first companies that hired recovering addicts, it is also know that we hire employees with the book knowledge so to speak, these people did not have the personal experience. Now, today, we have many employees that both have the book education and are recovering addicts. In this company it is very important to have both. With having the addiction background this helps them to endear themselves to the clients and also allows the client to get closer to the staff.

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