November 25, 2022
Analyze the potential effectiveness resulting from professional or nurse-provided social support versus enhancement of social support provided by personal relationship and social networks for parents of children with chronic mental illness.
November 25, 2022


part one. Is staffing currently adequate at your facility? Why or why not?How could you promote changes to ensure staffing becomes or remains adequate?Part 2Review these most common sentinel events in healthcareTED talk on Transparency, Compassion, and Truth in Medical Errors. (Links to an external site.)Most Common Healthcare Sentinel Events (2005-2016)Wrong patient, wrong site, wrong procedureUnintended retention of foreign bodyDelay in treatmentSuicideOperative/postoperative complicationsFallMedication errorCriminal eventPerinatal death/injuryMedical equipment related(The Joint Commission, 2018)questions, part 2What could a risk manager do to prevent or minimize the risk of this sentinel event occurring again?If you were the manager supervising the shift on which this event occurred, what would your response have been to the situation?How can you prevent or minimize the risk, and how would you respond should the event occur despite your efforts? In what way might sentinel events and staffing be related?write in APA format 7 edition ,2 references .need in 14 hours.write in 250words

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