QUIZ 3 questions MBA Finance Calculations

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I have paid a person and failed each question. Please look at questions indepth and ONLY respond if calculations can be performed. I am losing tooo much money here. It is not a PAPER!! This is all COMPUTATIONS. 


1. CBC is interested in 2 machines.  Machine A costs $120,000, lasts 5 years, and has maintenance costs of 37,000 annually for 5 years.  A has an equivalent annual cost (EAC) of 70,289.  Machine B costs $110,000, lasts 10 years and has maintenance costs of $25,000 annually for 10 years.  The cost of capital is 12%. Find the equivalent annual cost for machine B.  Which machine should be chosen?


2. Dale Inc. has sales of $993,489; operating expenses of $677,630; and depreciation expense of $20,000.  The tax rate is 30%.  What is the operating cash flow? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. 


3. You analyze a project and find that the net income of the project is $177,450 per year for the next 5 years.  The investment of $1,000,000 will be fully depreciated to a zero book value on a straight-line basis over 5 years.  The cost of capital is 12%.  Find the profitability index (PI). Do you accept the project?  Why or why not?


0.640; Yes, PI < 1


1.361; Yes, PI > 1


0.640; No, PI < 1


1.361; No, PI > 


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