it has been reported that Project Management has emerged due to the characteristics of our contemporary society demand and the development of new methods of management.

With this being said, of the many forces involved, three are principal forces, which are:

(1) The exponential expansion of human knowledge – Has this changed, and how/would or do we know (please give an example)?

(2) The growing demand for a broad range of complex, sophisticated, customized goods and services, what does this mean to you?

(3) The evolution of worldwide competitive markets for the production and consumption of goods and of course (you) the class has a great understanding of the boundaryless borders.

For Projects conducted in Contemporary organizations and services, all three of these forces combine are used as a directive for the use of teams to solve problems that at one time used be solved/able by the individual.

Some would say that moves us to more of a collective society / collectivism – does it? And I am not implying under direct Government control but a control of the sort (by your company structure).

As these three forces combine to increase greatly the complexity of goods and services produced plus the complexity of the processes used to produce them, in turn, leads to the need for more sophisticated systems to control both outcomes and processes.

So in turn this leads to more technology / technological advancements and innovation which appear to be the future or should project manager’s focus more on efficiencies, what do you think?

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