Management and Leadership in Nursing

Personal Review of Management and Leadership in NursingUsing your textbook (ATTACHED BELOW) and the results of your personality test, you will answer the questions below in narrative form (no Q & A and no bulleted lists). Please follow all the APA 7th edition rules. Instructions:Take theMyers-Briggs Type Indicatorassessment to examine your individual strengths and experiences in preparation for assuming management and leadership roles. (PERSONALITY RESULTS ATTACHED BELOW)It should be 5-6 pages of the body (not including the cover and reference page) using the headings and corresponding prompts below.Your work should be sourced with two (2) scholarly references within the last five years.Be APA, 7th edition format and citation style.Template1. Leadership and Management TheoryHow can you apply a leadership and management theory to achieve high quality nursing care for your patients and collaborate effectively with your health care team? Identify the citation(s) for the leadership or management theory you chose in answering this question.Are you more of a leader or a manager? (LEADER) Please explain why you feel this way. In view of your results of the personality test, how can you strengthen aspects of your personality to grow more in leadership or in management? Which competencies do you need to strengthen to become the leader or manager you want to become?2. Change TheoryHow do you deal with change at your practice setting? What personality traits would you utilize to promote change in your facility and how did you decide which traits you would use? Are there traits that you would not agree with and why do you think they appear?3. Communication StyleWhat did you learn about yourself taking the personality test? Which type of communicator are you? What are areas that you can strengthen to be more effective? To be more therapeutic? What are some barriers to effective communication styles which you have observed in yourself? Note: You may need to read between the lines in the results, as your communication style is not measured directly.4. Performance Improvement and Quality ImprovementHow can you manage both performance improvement and quality improvement at the same time? Answer this using your understanding of your results of the personality test and your textbook/lectures about leadership and management.How can you apply the principles of performance improvement and/or quality improvement into your practice? Choose one principle and explain how you can implement it at your workplace.5. Evidence-based Practice and ImprovementEvidence-based practice (EBP) has been emphasized all throughout your BSN program. How does EBP relate to achieving desirable performance outcomes and quality improvement?6. Supervision StyleCompare and contrast effective and ineffective supervision styles which you have observed in your workplace (NURSING FLOOR). When doing so, make sure to apply principles of delegation, authority, responsibility, and accountability.

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