Assume that you are assigned as an investigator to a federal policy-making task force whose goal is to design a new cybersecurity strategy. Prepare a presentation in the form of an action memorandum, a policy proposal, or a briefing paper for the head of the task force with your policy recommendations for a new cybersecurity policy, strategy, or federal law regulating the Internet or proposing solutions to any identified policy gaps.

Provide a draft of the presentation for faculty feedback. You should include the following:

  • A description of how current policy, strategy or law fails to meet its stated objectives
  • A synopsis of your recommendations for improvements in current cybersecurity policy, strategy, or law
  • Any potential challenges in the rollout of your proposal, with a recommended response plan if those challenges should be realized
  • An explanation of how national security and cybersecurity policies impact local law enforcement

Finally, share your opinion on who should dominate the cybersecurity policy debate. Should it be the individual, the public sector, or the government?

1,000 plus words with 3 or more sources. APA style with in text citations. 

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