Global Healthcare Delivery Models and New Model of Healthcare Delivery

2 different assignments but similar, PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONAssignment 1 is a word document and Assignment 2 is a powerpointAssignment 1 Global Healthcare Delivery Models1. Compare and contrast different global (worldwide) healthcare delivery models.Three (3) different countries’ healthcare delivery models of Germany, Costa Rica, and Thailand in a 2–4-page document.2. You are to explain how their delivery models are similar and different.3. The written assignment will be between 2-4 pages, in .doc or .docx format, and use APA style and references.Material:Skolnik, R. (2019). Global health 101. Chapter 6Assignment 2 – New Model of Healthcare DeliveryIn this assignment, you will defend the challenges and benefits of implementing a new model of healthcare delivery. Your findings will be presented as either a Powerpoint presentation of 5-10 slidesInstructions:1. Review the Learning Resources – Skolnik, R. (2019). Global health 101. Chapter 6Search the internet for a new model of delivering healthcare services (defined as a model that is experimental or not typically used in the United States).Defend your choice of implementing this model via PowerPoint or video.

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