Genetic Disorders Brocure

Genetic Disorders Brocure

Genetic Disorders Extra Credit Project

Select a genetic disorder from the list provided to research and prepare a project to present required information. The project may be a tri-fold brochure, or a poster. A fact worksheet must be completed and turned in with the finished project. All work must be in the student’s own words. Copying and pasting are not allowed. A list of references must he included with the project.

Genetic Disorders List

Cystic Fibrosis Phenylketonuria
Duchcnnc Muscular Dystrophy Prader-Willi Syndrome
Fragile X Syndrome Sickle Cell Disease
Huntington’s Disease Tay-Sachs
Hemophilia “I’urner Syndrome
Marfan Syndrome Wilson Disease


l. Select a disorder from the list above.

2. Start with the list of reputable Web sites below and complete the tact worksheet provided. Other references may be used. Foundations and other organizations devoted to working with a particular disorder are typically good sources of information. Google or other search engine may be used to find a site but should not be listed as a reference.

3. Prepare a project to present the information in a creative way. Options include  tri-fold brochure, or poster. Other options must be approved by the teacher prior to the due date.

4. Be sure to include a reference list. References may be listed with the title of’ [he Organization and the Web address. Books need to include the title, author, and copyright date. A minimum of 4 sources must be used.

5. Follow any directions specific to the project chosen.

Suggested Sources for Reputable Information

Human Genome Project

National Human Genome Research Institute

New York Online Access to Health

National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health

Mayo Clinic- Diseases and Infections

Genetic and Rare Conditions Site

NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders

Specifics for Individual Projects

All of the categories of information on the fact sheet must be included for each project. There must be a minimum of 2 visuals (pictures, drawings, charts, etc.) related to the chosen condition. The information

Tri-fold brochure: Include information on each section and incorporate pictures as noted above. References and student name and period should go on the back-center section.

Poster: ‘lhis will require more creativity as all the information will be seen at once. Neatness is especially important. The different sections of need to be arranged in a creative way with the visuals to ensure that Lhe poster is informative and interesting rather than busy and distracting. Name, period. and references should be placed on the back of the poster.

Genetic Disorder Fact Sheet

General information: What other names are there for this disorder? (Example: Down

Syndrome is also Trisomy 21) How frequently does it occur? (Example: 1 in 350 births) Who is at risk? What population is affected? What is the life expectancy of individuals with this disorder? Can they have children as adults? Will those children be affected?

Symptoms: Does it affect muscle tone, appearance, mental ability, digestion, etc.?

Diagnosis: Are there prenatal tests for this disorder? Is there a screening test for newborns? Is it diagnosed later in life?

Inheritance: What is the cause and how is it inherited? Is it caused by a mutation? A nondisjuncture (extra chromosome)? Is it sex-linked, recessive, and/or dominant? What gene or chromosome is involved? (Examples: X, Y, 21)

Treatment: What kind of medical assistance will the affected child need? Will further assistance be needed, as the child grows older? Are there any treatments or cures? Medicines? Dietary restrictions? Behavioral treatment? Gene therapy?

Other interesting facts: Are there any famous people who have had this disorder? Any other interesting information?

Foundations or Support Groups:

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