Foundational Concept

Share ways you might contribute to service in your own organization and community, as well as thinking about the world as your community.Foundational Concept-As patient advocates in all nursing roles, Lucatorto et al., (2016) think that nurses influence the system as patient advocates (p. 1) by involvement with:Healthcare organizational cultureCare givingStandards and scope of practiceChange processesContributions in clinical outcomesSystem measurement of nursing actionsNursing knowledge expansionSupportive shared governanceClinical skillsTeam-based care (Systems level team)Organizational and health policyOutcome measuresAutonomy and accountabilityRegardless of our nursing positions and focus of our roles, patient influence, and engagement, we are connected by our nursing history, vision, and practice. The Chamberlain Care Model promotes the concept of care as a culture with the vision statement of: “By living Chamberlain Care we graduate extraordinary nursing professionals who transform healthcare worldwide” (Groenwald, 2018, p. 11).Describe ways in which your nursing practice might contribute to service within your organization and your community.How do you think your nursing areas of interest and future professional development might impact healthcare globally?Include your thoughts on one area from our Recommendation list in the lesson (Foundational Concepts) regarding the expanding roles of nurses.

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