Family Centered Community Based Care

1. Identify the core concepts associated with the nursing management of women, children, and families.2. Examine the major components and key elements of family-centered care.3. Explain the different levels of prevention in nursing, providing examples of each.4. Determine examples of cultural issues that may be faced when providing nursing care.5. Employ cultural compatibility and humility when caring for women, children, and families.6. Outline the various roles and functions assumed by the nurse working with women, children, and families.7. Demonstrate the ability to use excellent therapeutic communication skills when interacting with women, children, and families.8. Apply the process of health teaching as it relates to women, children, and families.9. Assess the importance of discharge planning and case management in providing nursing care.10.Evaluate the reasons for the increased emphasis on community-based care.11.Differentiate community-based nursing from nursing in acute care settings.12.Critique the variety of settings where community-based care can be provided to women, children, and families.

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