Final Portfolio

In this Portfolio, you will take a look back at some of the material in the course and approach some of the subjects in a new way.

As you learned from the unit previews with Amanda, Divine, and George, they chose to actively engage with the humanities subjects each week. You will complete similar experiments and reflections in this Portfolio.

Select four units from the course (Units 2–8) ( Music/ Photography/Cinema/Dance). For the Portfolio, you will report on an “encounter” with each of these unit topics. These encounters will be your own personal experiences with the topics you have studied. For example, you may create a building with Legos and reflect on the architectural elements. You may go to an art gallery and report on your experience. You may read a style of poetry unfamiliar to you and reflect on how your reading changed as a result of your understanding of literary forms. These are just a few examples, but you may be creative as you decide on the humanities “encounters” you will to try.

Aim to encounter something new about the unit topic. If you frequently listen to country music, try the experience of listening to a music genre you are less familiar with such as jazz, alternative, or gospel. In other words, aim to try something new in each unit. If you are a movie buff, select a film that is a genre or style that is new to you. Feel free to include friends and family in the investigation, such as taking family members.

For each of the four “encounters,” you will follow 3 steps.

  1. Introduce your encounter. What will you explore and how will you explore this area of the humanities?
  2. Write a reflection upon the experience. Tell the “who, what, where, when, and why” of this encounter.
  3. Explain how you were able to use concepts from the chapter to deepen the experience. Use and cite at least two terms from the unit in your explanation. Reflect on what has changed with the new understanding of the subject. Each “encounter” should be of similar length and detail.

The Portfolio must be at least 200 words per unit “encounter,” for a total of 800 words as a minimum. Balance the information and content between each of the 4 “Encounters,” to ensure that each experience gets the same amount of attention and reflection. You are welcome to use images and be creative, but the word count still must be met.

Your course textbook is a required source. You are welcome to use more sources for supplemental material, but use of your text is required. You must use and cite the text properly in APA format with in-text citations within the work, and full reference at the end. Check with the KU Writing Center for tips.


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