Discussion: reply two

Reply to the two post with two references on eachVarious databases provide reliable and valid information to the researcher depending on their topic of interest. I logged into the Walden University library, clicked on databases, changed the subject to nursing, and on searching, I accessed 15 databases. Out of these, I used the ProQuest Nursing and Health database to retrieve the article of interest. I selected two articles; the first source was titled Reflective Practice Groups in a Mental Health Inpatient Setting by Fenton and Kidd (Fenton & Kidd, 2019). This article explores the nursing staff’s experiences in a mental rehabilitation facility and participation in various reflective practice groups (RPGs). The second article was titled Challenges Faced by New Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Prescribers by Mangano and other researchers. This resource identifies challenges new psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner students encounter, including making decisions, adherence to medication treatment and observing symptom-related outcomes (Mangano et al., 2020). ProQuest Nursing and Health database provides reliable information for healthcare researchers on diverse healthcare topics. The resources on this platform are a perfect choice for people preparing for a career as healthcare providers, teaching patients and communities about healthcare, and participating in nursing research. The content allows the beneficiaries to connect theoretical and practical aspects, thus understanding healthcare from multiple perspectives.The database was a helpful platform for finding relevant articles. However, I faced various challenges during the search process. Firstly, locating the appropriate database with the relevant article was challenging. There were 15 databases, and I had to scroll through multiple databases before identifying ProQuest Nursing and Health database. This process can be confusing, particularly to beginners, who might face challenges navigating through available databases. It was challenging to select this database as I searched others like the CINAHL and Cochrane library before settling on it. This process is time-consuming; thus, the researcher must plan well for this search. Secondly, finding the relevant articles after entering the search terms was also challenging. Therefore, I filtered out my search words to narrow the search and display various articles in the database.ProQuest database would be instrumental to my colleagues. It contains substantial, valuable, and valid information that healthcare professionals can use to advance their knowledge and inform various evidence-based practices. My colleagues can use this database to conduct their research and find answers to different clinical questions and analyses. This database will facilitate research, provide valid literature for class discussion and clinical case studies, and help them connect theories to practice(ProQuest, 2022). These applications would make learning manageable and enjoyable, as information would be readily available. The articles on this platform are also affordable, making them easily accessible and available for students. However, learners must be careful when searching for the articles and the search terms they use. They should select precise terms and diversify their search to find multiple articles. Therefore, this database will help promote learning and knowledge acquisition.I would recommend this database to my colleagues because of its quality of articles. This platform has professional and peer-reviewed articles on various topics that my colleagues can compare and analyze during research. The articles also range in publication dates; hence, researchers can access old and new information. Researchers can use the old articles to compare with the latest advancements and explain the changes in research patterns and scientific topics. I know that my colleagues will enjoy the experience of exploring this database due to its diverse content. Notably, most of its articles are free, making them available and easily accessible. Students can access these articles on their laptops, and download them to study and analyze later. They can also share these articles, making the process of reviewing and discussing them easier in person or in groups. Overall, this database is instrumental in research due to the quality and up-to-date articles on various clinical research topics.ReferencesFenton, K., & Kidd, K. (2019). Reflective practice groups in a mental health inpatient setting. Mental Health Practice, 22(3), 28-33. https://doi.org/10.7748/mhp.2019.e1333Mangano, E., Gonzalez, Y., & Kverno, K. S. (2020). Challenges faced by new psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner prescribers. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 58(10), 7-11.https://doi.org/10.3928/02793695-20200915-01ProQuest. (2022). Nursing. https://about.proquest.com/en/subjects/health-medicine/nursing/second replyI am pursuing my Master’s degree as a mental health nurse practitioner. I will research literature throughout this program to advance my knowledge and write quality, evidence-based research. “Journal articles that are peer-reviewed give merit to research and assist with ensuring information is trustworthy”. (Al-Jundi, 2017).  As I continue to grow in this class, I am improving at using the APA format as my primary form of writing. I am also continuing to learn how to navigate through Walden’s library and databases, using this to my advantage to widen my knowledge.To start my search, I always log in to Walden’s library, home to 172 databases, including writings and videos. Searching through the many databases Walden’s library offers, I came across many related to psychiatry, psychology, and nursing; among infinite topics. The database I used this time is named Psychology Databases Combined Search. I believe this database will be beneficial to my colleagues because it has access to quality, evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature.A benefit of this database in specific is it combines research from multiple other databases. Using this database allows you to access four different databases: PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, and PsycINFO. This database is also beneficial because it will enable you to minimize your search by allowing you to edit your search options. Some of the search options available include, although are not limited to, publication year, document type, publisher, etc. The only difficulty I can name in using this database is when trying to access the full article; although it takes me to Walden’s library, it goes through several steps to the central theme. The way I see this problem is that through Walden’s library, I can go directly to the article, and through this database, just like with most others, I have to go through several steps to get the same result.Practice characteristics of nurse practitioners in mental health and psychiatric settings is a peered-reviewed article I could find through this database. As I stated earlier in this post, my area of practice is nursing, and moving on forward with my career, I plan to become a psychiatry/ mental health nurse practitioner. For this discussion I decided to concentrate on the scope of practice of a psychiatry nurse practitioner. In this article, I found education on the scope of practice, limitations, and responsibilities of these professionals in mental health and psychiatric settings versus those in clinical practice. This article is relevant to me since I am a registered nurse with experience in the intensive care unit studying to become a mental health nurse practitioner. This article compares the world I am used to with the world I want to enter. “Nurse practitioners in mental health and psychiatric settings appear more likely to practice independently, by a few measures: practicing without an on-site physician, having a billing number, and having a DEA number to prescribe controlled substances. However, nurse practitioners in mental health and psychiatric settings had lower odds of having hospital admitting privileges”. (Jones, 2018)References:Al-Jundi, A. (2017). Critical appraisal of Clinical Research. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH. https://doi.org/10.7860/jcdr/2017/26047.9942Evaluating Resources: Journals. Academic Guides. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2022, from https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/library/evaluating/resource-types/journalsJones, E. B. (2018). Practice characteristics of nurse practitioners in mental health and psychiatric settings. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 32(4), 599–603. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apnu.2018.03.012

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