A few years ago when I wanted to develop a program of research surrounding nursing care that my colleague advised me that if I wanted to get NIH funding, I need to consider a health disparity problem like HIV since my dissertation was about risk behavior.  I felt insulted for like many, I also associated the disease with immorality and irresponsible behavior, in fact I told him, “I don’t know anybody with HIV.” I struggled with that conversation. A few days later , he followed up and asked, “how do you know who has HIV? Your people are dying; look at Miami-Dade and Broward counties!” The rest is history. Here I am today, a proud researcher for HIV/AIDS in Afro Caribbean population.For this assignment, share a time when you struggled with cultural sensitivity (5 points) and how your attitude has changed based on what you now understand (5 points). Select the concepts of a Theorist to guide your discussion (5 points)

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