Discuss the role of society in our stereotypes of late adulthood.  

Module 6 Discussion Questions
In your view, is adolescence a social invention? Why or why not? Consider this video by CNN: “Being Thirteen: The Secret Life of Teens” when formulating your answer. Being Thirteen: Inside The Secret World of Teens (2015) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Module 7 Discussion Questions
What do you think of the concept of “emerging adulthood’?. At what age do you think w should draw the line between legal adolescence and legal adulthood? Should this age be the same for all activities or should different activities have different boundaries?
Module 8 Discussion Questions
Many studies have found that marital satisfaction is lower when parent’s first born child is a teenage than at any other point in the marriage. Why do you think this might be?

Module 9 Discussion Questions

Discuss the role of society in our stereotypes of late adulthood.  Consider this video when formulating your response:  Dare to Question Why We Are So Afraid of Getting Older: Scilla Elworthy at TEDxMarrakesh 2012 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Module 10 Discussion Question

Discuss how culture may influence the perception of aging and death by individuals in different cultures.
Please provide references from outside sources (articles, textbooks) in your response to support your conclusions.

Module 11 Discussion Questions

In recent years, the concept of “vulnerable” and “resilient” children has become prominent in developmental research. How might vulnerability be conceptualized/be explained?
Grading Rubic
Student demonstrated knowledge of human development by synthesizing and integrating theories of development with events and influences in his/her
life. Student relates the events and influences on human developmenttheories.
Student specified the ideal learning theory but did not explain why this
is important to him/her
Student focused on personality development and applied it to his/her life development.
Student effectively projected how they might expect to complete the life stages to follow but failed to discuss factors that affected or will affect his/her
Student discussed systemic and environmental factors (e.g.,Bronfenbrenner) that affect human development, functioning, and behavior.
Student identified and discussed at least three wellness activities and discussed an overall wellness plan.
More than 5 professional references were used to support the above sections. The references were all high quality.

APA style was followed throughout the paper. There were few/no errors.

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