Now that you have completed your observation of the store for your company, you are going to be completing a Strategic Plan for your analysis for TQM. This will require you to find the company’s mission and vision statements as well as developing any additional guiding and strategic objectives based from your recommendations.

Develop a process map using the strategic Planning Process as your guideline. Make sure you include the following:

  • All of the 6 steps of the Strategic Planning Process (Environmental Assessment, Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Strategic Objectives, Action Plan).
  • Include correct symbols from Process Map Symbols. Note you will not use every symbol, but you should have connectors, start and end points, activity and decision points.
  • Process Map Symbols
  • Use 2 credible sources for your research, with 1 being from an academic journal/resource. You will need to use the Rasmussen online database to locate one academic resource for your paper.
  • Include an APA formatted reference page, with proper citations for your references.

Note: You did your environmental assessment earlier in the course. Vision and Mission statements will be found on company websites, Guiding Principles, Strategic Objectives, and Action Plan you will create from a mixture of your observations/recommendations and research

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