Develop a blog discussing the importance of tailoring recruitment strategies to the target candidate pool.


You are to complete the following five assignments utilizing the principles of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology and the assignments should be supported by a minimum of eight scholarly resources:


  1. You checked your voice mail and learned that one of your best salespeople has to have a major surgery next week. He has shared that he is having the surgery on his right knee. He has a week of vacation time left but will be out for about ten weeks during recovery. The first two weeks his doctor has told him that he will probably be taking significant doses of pain medication and will not be able to do much. For the following eight weeks, he will have physical therapy at minimum three times per week and has been told he should not drive. He has been working for the company for about eight months now. The company has a short-term disability policy, but that covers only 60% of weekly income and starts to pay seven days after the injury/event. He wants to know whether he will have a job when he comes back and what, if anything, he can do from home. His job is outside sales. You are concerned that the sales department cannot reach the current goals with a vacancy on the team, but you also have to consider that whatever precedent you set in this decision may impact a similar decision in the future, which may concern a less productive employee. Before you call him back, you have decided that you are going to e-mail the owners of the company to run your thoughts by them.
    1. Compose an e-mail to the owners explaining the situation and your recommendation for action.
    2. Communicate the importance of the decision from a policy-setting perspective and long-term implications of any decision.
  • Include a mention of potential legal issues, including the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Explain any additional concerns about equitable treatment and include your recommendation for how to handle the situation and the response to the employee.

You are asked to contribute to the company website by producing a blog each month. This month, your topic is employee recruitment.

  1. Develop a blog discussing the importance of tailoring recruitment strategies to the target candidate pool.
  2. Provide clear, specific examples to support your points.


Search the Argosy University Online library resources for titles on how to write a blog. (Academic Resources > Library > Launch Library > Click on Find Books and more > Select ebrary > In the search bar, type in the word “blog” and clickSearch)


  1. You have been asked to participate in a roundtable presentation at the local university. You will be in front of an audience of undergraduate students considering industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology as a career field. Each member of the roundtable has five to seven minutes to present. For this portion of the assignment, you are to develop an annotated outline of the presentation. You will present the differences between a career in human resources (HR) and one in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology and provide examples of the practical applications of industrial/organizational (I/O). For your information:
    1. An annotated outline is an outline of your main points.
    2. Under each main point, one should have two to three supporting statements related to the content of the discussion and parenthetical citations that support those points.


Search in the Argosy University Online Library to learn how to write a resource in APA format.

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