Determinants of Health and Disease

analyze factors affecting public and community health by writing about the effect of a specific disease or health condition on your community. You will demonstrate your community-assessment skill using data to drive health improvements in community and public health.Identify 1 disease or health condition that you think is related to SDOH to analyze.use theResearch, Evaluation and Learningpage on the Robert Johnson Wood Foundation website and theNational Center for Health Statisticssection on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.summarize your analysis and support it with data findings, evidence-based intervention, and a plan to improve community health. In your article:Describe the selected disease or health condition and efforts to control it.Explain the SDOH for your community related to this disease or health condition.Identify any health disparity in your community for this disease or health condition.Describe what the public health department, local organizations, or others are doing to reduce the threat of the disease or health condition.Identify gaps in local services and education and how you might connect to other resources to meet needs that are not locally available.Recommend ways to increase health equity and improve community health as it relates to this disease or health condition.

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