Complex Disaster Management

Executive leadership in the 21st century requires attention to a wide variety of potential emergency situations. These may be internal such as active shooters, biocontrol, technology takeover, catastrophic infrastructure failure, or external, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and a host of accidents such as airplanes crashes, train derailments involving hazardous materials. You, as leader, will analyze which of these potential situations are likely given your demographic area.Thankfully, there is a wide variety of resources to assist in the development of these plans, and most organizations have existing plans.For this assignment, utilize as many of these resources as you wish:Emergency ManagementFEMA Planning Considerations: Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks (PDF)AONE Guiding Principles: Role of the Nurse Leader in Crisis Management(PDF)The Joint Commission OnlineHomeland Security: Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan Guide and TemplateCurrent organizational plan at place of employmentCreate a Disaster Preparedness plan.Include the following aspects in the Assignment:Choose one aspect of interest to you from the wide variety of complex coordinated emergency response plan needs (Active Shooter, Terrorist Response, Natural Disaster Response, etc.)Develop a 10 pg slide presentationYour plan may modify an existing planThis is a high-level overview of the major aspects of the emergency response plan needsMore granular details can be added as speakers notes if you wishInclude:Risk Analysis,Resource Analysis,Standards,Literature Review,Goals,Timeline,Evaluation

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