Respond with 200  words Examine the decisions of one of your peers from the previous week and compare and contrast your decision this week with theirs.

This past week showed how competitive BSG is going to be between all of us. I have already had to make a couple of unplanned adjustments because some of my competitors are making some savvy decisions. The plan for my company was to grow every year by focusing on quality and image. This is still the company’s mission but it’s going to be a difficult road getting there. Year 13 didn’t show the growth that we were hoping for so we made adjustments with lowering prices. I anticipated raising prices every year but that didn’t not happen because anticipated demand was extremely low for reasons that I couldn’t pinpoint exactly. We placed a greater focus on private-label footwear. It was only because of that that we were able to reach our expected metrics. Year 14 looks to be a bounce back year with expected gains in EPS and ROE but it appears that I will have to use multiple strategies. There is no one certain strategy that will ensure success. You have to adjust to your competitors.

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