Please use the Article Analysis template below to answer the questions. You may copy and paste this article template into a Word document (or similar program) so that you can type your answers directly under the questions. It is also recommended that you check your spelling and grammar before sending to the professor.
(Use APA style)


Need to be well organized, NO PLAGARISM, A Minimun of 10 complete Lines for each answer

Marketing, Brand and Management Knowledges and Terms MUST BE INVOLVED.

Name: _______________________ Date: ____________________

1) Title, publication and author(s) of article:

2) Briefly and clearly state the main idea of the article:

3) List  important facts that the author(s) uses to support the main idea:

4) Demonstrate how this article supports its view of the issue:

5) Identify weaknesses in its argument:

6) What point could be added to its thesis?

7) List any examples of bias, misinformation, or flawed reasoning that you found in this article.

8) Write a personal review of the article making correlations if possible between theory and practice.

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