Assignment for Kim Woods

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Objective:  The purpose of this project is for the student to analyze the advertising strategies of an organization by applying concepts learned in the course.


Read the case study about Xerox, I have attached the links for a photo copy of the case study 


Written Report:  Prepare a case study using a case assigned.  The case study should be 3, double-spaced pages, plus a cover sheet, appendix and bibliography.  The cover sheet should include your name, the case study name and the date.  Please include any additional material you develop, such as graphs, charts, and diagrams.  Be sure to include all resources used in preparing your case as part of the bibliography.


Case studies should include:

Problem (issue) identification

Identify central problem(s) and/or advertising issues

List any important secondary problems/issues


Alternative Development

Develop a minimum of 3 comprehensive alternatives.  This means that each alternative must deal with both your stated central problem/issue and any listed secondary problems/issues.

Fully develop each alternative so that the reader can understand exactly what you are suggesting.


Choice and Justification

State which alternative listed is best, restating briefly that alternative.

Then offer justification; tell why this alternative is best.


Implementation Strategy

This section should outline specifically what tasks and responsibilities are necessary to effectively implement the alternative chosen.

Implementation strategy must include discussion of a timetable for completion of the various tasks and some mention of who will be responsible for those tasks.


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