For your teacher, write an original work using what you have learned in this unit. Mention at least six places in your town, where they are in relation to other places in your town, and what you like to do in those places.

in this unit ! we have learned ,Venezuelan government ,  a map of any Venezuelan city. thats pretty much it ! I live in California/ La 

six places are northhollywood : There a republic pie and i go there for the pie and to study

another one is Burbank : to smoke hookah with my friends

sun valley : too see the fire works with my family 

Santa Monica : to go to the beach and be with my friends near the sand and water .

Pasadena : Because my sister lives there , and i love to visit her.

Hollywood: Because Over there is nothing but entertainment and people singing and performing things!

these are the six places in my town! please write in Spanish and   make sure to write it better then me 🙂

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