You have been tasked with writing a program to keep track of the customer movie rentals stock for a (small) online retailer.

For our purposes, tracking rentals and purchases will involve the interaction of Movies, Customers and Customer Activity.

Define the class(es) necessary to represent the object(s) that comprise movie rental/purchase/streaming activity.
Populate these object(s) with the data provided in the files specified in this document 

Demonstrate that objects were populated by producing the specified output:

  • Number of movies by MPAA rating: the number of movies for each MPAA rating and which rating has the most movies.  For example:

Ratings Report 

G  10
PG  5
PG13  5
R 13

The majority of movies in inventory are rated R

  • List of movies by genre: how many movies in each genre and the number of movies by MPAA rating for each genre.  For example:

Genre Report 


G  7

PG  5

PG-13  10

What to turn in
– The program(s) used to define your object(s)
– The program(s) used to perform the construction/population of the object(s) and produces the output.

– Notice many of the movie titles contain an underscore (“_”) character where the space should be.  In a separate method, convert the underscore back into a space when setting the movie title. 

– Some movies titles begin with the word “The”.  For the sake of alphabetization, movies like this usually have the “The” appended to the end of the name.  In a separate method, when setting the movie title, remove “The” from the beginning of the movie title and append it to the end of the title.  So the movie title “The Great Escape”  becomes “Great Escape, The”.  

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